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Showing 1–15 of 55 results

Showing 1–15 of 55 results


Welcome to Promovate, your one-stop destination for a delightful range of promotional gifts and branding solutions for kids. We understand the importance of capturing the attention and imagination of young minds while effectively promoting your brand. Our collection of customizable products is specially curated to engage children and create a lasting impression. Explore our product category for kids and discover the perfect promotional gifts and branding options that will bring smiles to their faces.

1. Branded Toys and Games: Capture the joy and excitement of playtime with our selection of branded toys and games. From plush toys and puzzles to branded board games and building blocks, these items provide endless hours of fun while showcasing your brand prominently.

2. Customized Apparel: Dress little ones in style with our range of customized kids’ apparel. From personalized t-shirts and onesies to branded hats and jackets, these items allow you to create a cohesive and adorable look while promoting your brand.

3. School Supplies: Help children excel in their educational journey with our branded school supplies. From personalized backpacks and notebooks to pens and stationery sets, these items serve as practical tools for learning while reinforcing your brand’s presence.

4. Fun and Educational Accessories: Combine entertainment and learning with our fun and educational accessories. From branded coloring books and activity sets to interactive learning devices and STEM toys, these items engage young minds while promoting your brand in an educational and playful way.

5. Personalized Drinkware: Make hydration fun and promote your brand with personalized drinkware for kids. Choose from customized water bottles, sippy cups, and tumblers featuring colorful designs and your brand logo, encouraging children to stay hydrated while spreading brand awareness.

6. Outdoor and Sports Gear: Encourage active lifestyles and outdoor adventures with our range of outdoor and sports gear for kids. From branded frisbees and jump ropes to mini soccer balls and outdoor playsets, these items promote physical activity while showcasing your brand during playtime.

7. Children’s Books: Foster a love for reading with our selection of branded children’s books. Personalize storybooks or activity books with your brand’s message, allowing children to immerse themselves in imaginative worlds while promoting literacy and your brand simultaneously.

8. Safety and Wellness: Prioritize children’s safety and well-being with our safety and wellness promotional gifts. From customized first aid kits and hand sanitizers to branded reflective gear and safety accessories, these items promote a safe and healthy lifestyle while reinforcing your brand’s commitment to children’s welfare.

9. Fun and Functional Accessories: Add a touch of fun and functionality to children’s everyday routines with our range of branded accessories. From personalized lunch boxes and snack containers to branded backpack charms and keychains, these items bring smiles and practicality to their daily lives.

10. Seasonal and Holiday Gifts: Celebrate special occasions and holidays with our seasonal and holiday promotional gifts for kids. From festive-themed toys and accessories to custom gift sets and holiday-themed products, these items add joy and excitement while promoting your brand during key festive periods.

At Promovate, we believe in the power of imagination and play. Our product category for kids offers a wide array of promotional gifts and branding options that engage young minds and leave a lasting impression. Contact us today to discuss your branding needs and let our expert team assist you in selecting the perfect promotional gifts that captivate children while promoting your brand effectively. Elevate your brand with Promovate’s exceptional products for kids.

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